Back in 1988, Buddy moved into my studio. He had just recorded the California Raisin Commercial
and was moving back to L.A. from Mill Valley. He needed a temporary place to stay until the "Raisin"
money started rolling in and my studio became his new home. You see, if he wasn't on stage performing,
he wanted to be in a studio writing and recording new material. Music was his passion.
So, we were sitting around one day wondering
what we could record, and we agreed that it would be fun to do a remake of "All Along the Watchtower".
As I was preparing the studio for the project, Buddy was writing down the lyric so he wouldn't stumble with
the words. He was having trouble with the second verse, so he grabbed the phone and called Jimi's dad
in Seattle, Wash., who gladly dictated the lyric over the phone to Buddy.
I put together a drum program and some percussion instruments and Buddy played and sang the rest.
It was a magic session and here's what we came up with between the two of us.
Gary McLaughlin

All Along theWatchtower



Also around that time, I was working on the soundtrack for a Vampire movie for Sandy Galin
and I assembled my group of musicians that lived at the DMO "Complex" and we began
working on the title track called "Children of the Night". It was written by myself and Guy Allison
Steiner (Doobie Bros.). I originally hired a white Foreigner type vocalist who sang a work track,
but it just didn't do it for us. Later that night Buddy returned "home" from a Bobby Mcfarren concert and
he heard the track. He asked if he could try a vocal and after an all night session, this became the final version.

Children of the night

Buddy on Entertainment Tonight
Filmed at DMO Studios

July 4th, 1988 at the DMO Complex